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Hello Everyone! It's summer in the Oddment Emporium! And with that, we're offering these six sexy selections in multiple formats! From 5ml bottles of Passionate Perfume to 8oz of Wicked Whip, you can slather yourself in layer after layer of sizzling summer sexiness!

First in a series of four seasonal parasols, the Fire Dragon Parasol is symbolic of midsummer; growth, strength, protection, vitality.

Smouldering vanilla, scorched patchouli, neroli, blood orange and bamboo.

This one is for all the gingers, pale kids, freckled fiends and sun fearing folks out there! Cooling and refreshing!

Coconut water, Tahitian tiare, aloe vera, crystalline ginger and iced amber cream.

Escape from the burning heat of midday.

"This is our time, the night's our day
We'll dance this fading life away."

-Abney Park "The Wrong Side"

Pomegranate blossom, blackthorn, night-blooming magnolia, honeysuckle, aged vanilla resin and a drop of clove infused black patchouli.

Grab your besties and your beasties, some delicious nosh, your favorite beverages and hand pick a bouquet of wildflowers for the ancestors. It's time for everyone's favorite high school pastime - a twilight picnic in the cemetery!

Kudzu blossom, scuppernong, Spanish moss, sweetgrass, sweet peach tea and the scent of graveyard loam cooling in the silvery-blue dusk.

In the alchemical Great Work, or Magnum Opus dating back to the first century, Sol Niger (the Black Sun) is the first phase in the physical and spiritual transmutation that creates the Philosopher's Stone and leads one on a journey to individuation. In stage one, we're met with putrefaction and decomposition. Carl Jung attributed this stage two distinct psychological states.

In the first state, we have unio naturalis, a state of imbeddedness where the ego is enmeshed with its surroundings. Here there is no separation between the self and the other. "Ignorance is bliss" is a good way to describe this realm.

In the next state, nigredo or the blackening, we find the dark night of the soul where one becomes acutely, painfully aware of the separation between the self and the other. This gives rise to the recognition of the shadow self and the chaos and melancholy that comes with it.

However, all is not lost to despair! This darkness gives way to the next stage, albedo, the light at the end of the tunnel and the ascent from the depths of darkness. But that is another Sol for another day...

Moroccan myrrh, sugared violet, lilac, stargazer lily, ghost poppy, patchouli blossom and sandalwood soaked vanilla.

A devotee of all things luxurious and pleasingly sensual.

Sexy red musk, dried tobacco, black pepper, Indian patchouli, cardamom, tonka bean, cacao husk and aged vanilla resin.

On June 23, we were treated to the magick of a super moon! As she travels in her elliptical journey around the earth, there is a point in the moon's orbit where she is closest to the earth, or perigee. To those of us admiring the moon from earth during this time, she appears 14% larger and 30% brighter, the tides are at their highest and with the human body being approximately 60% water, one can only imagine the influence the lunar tides have over us all!

Thirteen essences sacred to the moon were used to craft this fragrance. It can be described as a mysterious lunar philtre that is as invigorating as the night air and enchanting as a moonlit dance. PERIGEE can be used to alter consciousness in sacred circles, as an anointing oil for intense spell work or used as a fragrance when you need an extra spark of enchantment!

In a sacred space, the components were lovingly combined in a crystal vessel, corked then left outside to be exposed to the energies of deep night and moon at her fullest. In the morning, I decanted PERIGEE into 23 5ml brown glass apothecary bottles and then tucked away in a dark cupboard keeping them from the sun's rays.

PERIGEE will be shipped to you protected in a black bag that has a beautiful lunar amulet hand stitched to it. PERIGEE really is a work of art made with skill and love and destined to be a staple in your or a loved one's magickal cupboard.

White sandalwood, myrrh resin, saffron, narcotic nutmeg, white gardenia, moonflower, blackberry, orris root, bergamot, star jasmine, Madonna lily, white rose and vanilla husk.
Have a gorgeous summer!

Vajra and CO
Conjure Oils

Fat Tuesday 2013 is LIVE!


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ! Celebrate Fat Tuesday Conjure style with our NINE Polish pastry inspired perfume oils! Growing up in Southeastern Michigan like I did, it wasn't hard to find a box of these delectable sweet treats! For those who don't know what a paczki is, (pronounced "poonchky") it's like a large huge doughnut stuffed to the brim with various intoxicatingly sweet fillings ranging from traditional plum and rose hip jam to more modern conventions like Bavarian custard, apple or raspberry. Though it's no typical doughnut - the paczki is sweeter and spongier. They can be topped with powdered or granulated sugar, or with icing. Truly, the mortal doughnut pales in comparison!
Paczki are a convenient way to get all of the sugar, fat and temptation out of the house before the sparse season of Lent rears it head. Fortunately, we've conjured a great way to get the paczki experience throughout whilst avoiding the calories as well! It's like magic! Indulge!


Sweet dough is filled with black plum jam and dusted with refined powdered sugar.

Fried pastry dough filled with thick vanilla Bavarian custard and coated with granulated vanilla sugar.

Fresh paczki are served warm, overflowing with rose hip jam and drizzled with sweet honey sugar glaze.

Wonderfully sweet and deep fried dough dusted with powdered sugar, spice and filled with plump, succulent blueberry and gardenia flower compote.

A twist on a traditional favorite! A filling of toasted coconut flakes coated in chai spiced infused salted caramel stuffed to bursting in a flaky golden shell topped with a drizzle of milk chocolate ganache.

Fresh Granny Smith apples reduced with baker's sugar, cinnamon and gooey caramel packed in a delectable paczki pastry coated with a chamomile tea glaze. .

Creamy sweet lemon filling, fragranced with Arabian jasmine petals encased by a powdered sugar topped doughy delight.

Lovely red raspberries stewed with vanilla, sweet pea blossoms and pink rock candy sugar sweetly oozing out of a honey glazed paczki pocket.

Plump and crimson strawberries, allspice, clove, sweet orange zest and gorgeous hibiscus flowers packed into its sweet and sticky balsamic glaze coated shell.

Paczki will available until March 21st, or until we sell out! And I must say this: while these do indeed smell good enough to eat, they are not in any way, shape or form intended for consumption, human or animal. External use only!


Fat Tuesday fragrances are available in one size, nine styles:

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $19
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle Glass Roll-On -$20

Conjure Oils

Conjure Oils' 2013 Lupertine and Mardi Gras Collections are LIVE!

Hello Everyone!

I hope this winter has been kind to you, and to those of you below the equator, I know this summer has been a cruel one. Soon, the seasons will change and we will long for the heat when we're freezing and dream of the days we were shivering when the mercury shoots to the triple digits.

I've been extremely busy this past month. If you are awaiting an order, please know that it's going out this week. Because I'm VERY PREGNANT and it's hard for me to move, I have to rely on the kindness of my helper elves to get orders out. My helper has been busy getting her school and work schedule dialed in so she could help me. Now she's available twice a week and things will run much smoother on out. It's kind of humbling to have to have someone help me to this extent. I mean if Lucy still was unable to put her own socks and shoes on, she'd be barefoot all the time! In fact, she helps me find my boots most days!

There are three parts to this Lupertine update. First, we have Selections from the Book of Love. A fragrance collection inspired by the myriad ways we have to express love, loss and desire. Second, we have our Mardi Gras collection, the Conjure Krewe! Six darkly playful scents to mark the revelry of Fat Tuesday and the debaucherous fun that comes before the austerity of Lent. Inspired by the comical figures found within Commedia dell'arte, Doktor Schnabel von Rom and just a little Steampunk for good measure, these figures promise to delight, entertain and disturb just slightly! Plus if you order the whole set of the Krewe, you'll get a free Gris Gris bag made with love and spirit by yours truly! Which brings us to the third aspect of this update: Gris Gris Bags! Similar in nature to a Mojo Bag, but based in the Vodoun tradition (as opposed to Hoodoo in the case of the Mojo) the Gris Gris bag is a prayer in a pouch. It contains symbolically and spiritually potent items that create an energetic synergy to help you fulfill your desires. In concert with my Egun (the spirits of my ancestors whom I work with closely) I have designed nine different Gris Gris styles for you to choose from! From Love and Sex to Protection and Dark Arts, I'm sure there will be something for everyone! They'll only be available for a month, so be sure to get one while you can!

This update is on the large side because I'm trying to wind down in anticipation of the birth of my son. (He still doesn't have a name, but he'll get one eventually, I'm sure!) He's due April 16th and I'd like to have a pregnant pause (see what I did there?) and take a break from April to the end of May. I'll be open for orders during that time, but there will be no summer update. I am working on some special perfumes to celebrate the birth, but that will be small and manageable for me. The next large update you can expect from Conjure will be the Hallows 2013 update.

I'm telling you all this so you can plan accordingly. All orders placed before February 4th will be shipped for a timely Valentine's Day arrival. Now that I have reliable help once again, I'm going to try and keep a short leash on the turn around time just in case Junior decides to arrive unexpectedly!

So, enough of an introduction! On to the reason you're here - THE SMELLIES! Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this time of transition here at Conjure. It's already starting to mellow out. I hope you had a fantastic holiday and that 2013 is shaping up to be the best year EVER.

Love and Bliss,


Sometimes we lack the words to express the depth or essence of what is thought or felt so very deep within our souls. We string together strands of nouns, adjectives and verbs hoping for just the right sequence to express the secrets buried in our hearts. We imagine songs and poetry or visual art in an attempt at a melodic, abstract or symbolic explanation.
Language is the art of the tongue acting in concert with the heart and mind. Some languages are clumsy in their presentation of complex theories and emotions while others are more graceful, playful or efficient. In crafting this series, I wondered what it would look like if all the human expressions of love were assembled in one place; a proverbial Book of Love in a fashion. As I searched for words that conveyed ideas of love, longing and loss in a unique way, I stumbled upon a couple blog articles investigating the same subject and was inspired by what I had found. All of the words in this collection are non English in their origin and while English is my native language, I find that it often lacks the elegance and grace found in many other tongues.
In the end, what I take away from this collection is the commonality of love, loss and desire. We all ache, yearn, have our hearts broken and share the bliss of love - all evident in the myriad ways we have to say, sing or recreate our inner worlds.
We hope you enjoy the Lupertine 2013 collection.
PLEASE NOTE: Please order by February 4th for delivery by Valentine's Day. Also, last years Lupertines - Mlle Victoria's Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret are still available HERE! No other scents will be resurrected at this time. If there is a Lupertine from the past you're interested in, please contact Vajra.
LUPERTINE 2013 and MARDI GRAS 2013 perfumes will be available until March 15th, or until supplies are exhausted. Gris Gris Bags will be available until February 28.

Brazilian Portuguese
The act of running ones fingers gently and lovingly through a beloved's hair.
Black tea, toasted sweet tobacco, Sudanese frankincense, cocoa absolute, black pepper and vanilla infused coconut husk.

The pure euphoric bliss experienced during the first moments of falling in love.
Davana, blood orange, spun sugar, vanilla musk, hibiscus and Indian patchouli.

An individual who is willing to forgive a lover's transgression the first time that it is committed, show tolerance toward a second event and refuse to abide any abuse a third time.
English lavender, juniper berry, allspice, Himalayan cedar, aged pine resin, palo santo and black copal.

The instantaneous intuitive knowledge that you and the person you just met will fall in love with one another.
King mandarin, rose geranium, bois de rose, beeswax absolute, crimson orchid, magnolia, pink lotus and golden honey.

The exquisite agony that accompanies the desire for someone who is unobtainable.
Coriander, clove absolute, Meyer lemon, oleander, white musk and amber milk.

Yagan, Tierra del Fuego
A silent, aching look shared by a couple who long for one another that is shadowed by a mutual, bashful reluctance.
Sweet pea, cardamom, fresh fig, Baltic amber, ginger and stargazer lily.

The joyous reunion after a long separation.
Ruby red grapefruit, cassia, black pepper, pomegranate, black tea and red sandalwood.

An unrelenting longing for someone who was loved and lost. Also, a nebulous and nagging desire for people, places or things that never have, cannot and never will exist.
Passion fruit, candied Parma violet, vanilla blossom, balm of Gilead infusion, guaiac wood, love-lies-bleeding and French opium.

Literally: "You bury me." The hope that one would die before their loved one, as a life spent apart would be unbearable.
Black musk, aged patchouli, Spanish moss, desert hyacinth, leather, oakmoss and clove soaked myrrh.

A complex concept rooted in Buddhist theological determinism. A synchronistic, predetermined karmic force that links or binds two people together in a relationship that is fated or destined to be. This relationship can be shared between lovers, friends and family as well and is, according to the ancients, indicative of connections forged in past lives.
Dragon's blood, temple sandalwood, white amber, black locust blossom, white ginger and quince.

Join the Conjure Plague Circus as the good Doktor leads our rag tag krewe down paths devious and debaucherous!
Order all six of the Conjure Krewe and receive a free Gris Gris bag conjured by Mama Vajra herself! The bag comes along with a pip of a specially formulated anointing oil and instructions for use! The current Gris Gris we are offering can be found HERE. If you're ordering a complete set, please let me know your free Gris Gris selection either in the Message to Merchant section on the PayPal check out page, or send a separate email to vajra at conjureoils dot com.
You can also purchase the Gris Gris bags individually. They are $40 each and are available HERE.
Ringmaster and mysteriously dark leader of this motley Conjure krewe!
Smoked black tea, cardamom, aged myrrh, robust sandalwood, sweet sage and silver lavender.

Clever Columbine is an artful and confident juggler, carelessly tossing glass spheres, sharp toys, grenades and the hearts of the men who adore her to the delight and dismay of her audience.
Cherry blossom, guava fruit, blood orange, golden patchouli and sugared amber.

Harlequin serves up his comedy nimbly with the aid of his robotic limbs, ever trying to catch the heart of Columbine with his acrobatics and foolish antics.
Crystalline amber, black coconut, sugared tobacco, vanilla musk, osmanthus and salted caramel.

Wrapped in a straight jacket and donning a gas mask, Pierrot is the picture of the sadness and madness born of unrequited love; he pines for Columbine whom he always loses to the agile Harlequin.
Blue iris, antiqued frankincense, red sandalwood, aged vanilla resin, bergamot and white carnations.

Half human, half skeletal, Mlle. Judie tries her best to keep her brute of a husband, Punch, in line. She insists that one day she will get it through his thick skull that when baby sitting, one doesn't actually sit on the baby.
Red amber, black currant, kush, orange blossom honey and lush gardenia.

Despite his ability to fight the devil and win, Punch will always be just the the hen pecked husband and eternal tormentor of his formidable wife Mlle. Judie. He's all bark, and some bite, too!
Black musk, champaca blossom, red myrrh, cassia, burned sugar, narcissus, pomegranate and black patchouli

Gris Gris Bags are available at Conjure Oils for a short time only!
Made by hand using a combination of organic and/or wildcrafted herbs, roots, semi precious stones, minerals, metals, shells and other mystical curios, these Gris Gris bags come in beautiful color appropriate pouches with a small charm affixed by hand to the exterior. Each Gris Gris comes with complete instructions on their preparation with suggestions on how to enliven them using various candle colors, moon phases, days of the week and instructions on how personalize them with anointing oils and personal concerns.
Before they're sent out to you, each Bag is prayed over and passed through sacred smoke that is burned as a daily devotional on my Boveda, or spirit altar.
TRUE LOVE - To attract LOVE. Pink bag, heart charm.
LA FLAMME - To enliven an existing relationship or attract SEX - Red bag, devil charm.
TREASURE CHEST - To draw :PROSPERITY - Green bag, coin charm.
GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT - To acquire employment that meets financial, mental, emotional and spiritual needs - Green bag, clock charm.
PEACE CLOUD - To create an aura of peace for the wearer - White bag, dove charm.
SPIRIT VEIL - To encourage COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD - Violet bag with skull charm.
THIRD EYE - To strengthen PSYCHIC ABILITIES - Silver bag with ankh charm.
BLUE FLAME - To create a fiery wall of PROTECTION - Haint blue bag with anti evil eye charm.
SHADOW WEAVER - To create PACTS WITH DARK SPIRITS - Black bag with inverted cross charm.
Please note that bag color and charm may vary in accordance with availability; any substitutions will be expertly chosen.
Prices are as follows:
SELECTIONS FROM THE BOOK OF LOVE - $19/5ml $20/5ml roll on
MARDI GRAS - $20/5ml $21/5ml roll on. Set of SIX $120 plus a FREE Gris Gris of your own choosing.
GRIS GRIS - $40/1 Bag $100/3 Bags $300/All NINE Bags
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, understanding and support of The Little Perfume House that Could
Love and Mystery,
Vajra, Sterling, Miss Lucy and the little one yet to be born (and named!)                                 
Conjure Oils

Merry Apocalypsmas! Yule 2012 is LIVE!

Yule 2012 is LIVE at CONJURE!
Please join me in welcoming my lovely friend Rose as the very first guest blogger to the Conjure Empire! I am honored to have her take the time to offer her insights and enthusiasm in introducing the Yule perfumes this year. Take it away, Rose!


Yule Time of the Year

As a prepared zombie apocalypse designated survivor, I feel a kinship with ‘Oh Holy Smite’ a solid scent; bring on the boozy!

Hi, I am Rose and as long as I have had a nose, I have smelled and sniffed. I leave that droplet of self knowledge there for you to utilize at your disposal.  It wasn’t until I discovered Conjure Oils that I knew the healing power of smelling good and good people.

I get this tremendous honor, introducing the Yule blends or as I call them in my head ‘Yulie Blends’. Deck the Halls with Scowling Zombies is on my list of must-haves; only the multi-talented Vajra would be able to bring such a level of classiness to cranberry jelly!

Do You Fear What I Fear is another beauty. Can a person fear perfume? If so, what is the phobia called? What do you do if your google-fu doesn’t turn up search results? Is there a fear of fear of searching google? V ventures a guess: Sfumatophobia! (Vajra adds: Taken from the art term "sfumato' meaning 'gone up in smoke'. The word perfume means 'through smoke’. I just put two and two together and a new word was born!)

As I wind my way through these scents, I am particularly enjoying the descriptions! Make sure you read the following aloud: Ragnarock'n Round the Yggdrasil Tree, preferably with a mouth full of eggnog! Hell hath no fury! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Aliens are Coming to Town! Sky black musk, white rose tea is for me!

In other news, Vajra and I are cooking up something so amazing and fun that I have to share! Hoodoo themed nail polish! Soon you will be able to wear 'Follow Me Boy!', ‘Fast Luck’, ‘Black Cat’ and others on the tips of your witchy fingers and precious piggies! What do you think? Definitely something to look forward to in the New Year!

What are your Holiday wishes? (Besides these delicious fascinating scents of course.) Me: creative socks, writing utensils and books and love. Also peace, we should always mention, feel and demand peace.

Holiday Blessings!

Peace and Love gentle readers,

Rose Hill is a freelance writer, web designer, doula and mom in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Charming, no? Some quick business then to the smellies!

All holiday orders need to be placed by the 7th of December. Everything will be shipped by the 15th as I will be out of town for a month. Conjure will be open to take orders (and customer service - I can still answer emails) during that time, but shipping won't resume until I get back mid January. (That's when the Lupertines will go up as well, FYI.) We continue pounding out orders from October (so close to being done!) and November as well. Expect a CnS notification SOON of you’ve been waiting. I thank you SO MUCH for your patience and understanding during this hellish time for me. I really do.

*groan* I know! No one likes it, but it must be done: The entire Astrology line as well as the Elements collection (Elements will be replaced with the Wu Xing fragrances.) So if you have favorites in either line, now is the time!

Apparently, the Mayans have predicted the end of civilization this year - December 21, 2012, to be exact. The gospel of the End Times has been preached long before the Book of Revelations was penned 2000 some odd years ago; the Norse have Ragnarok, Hindus have Kaliki, the Yoruba have Olokun. As time keeps bumping along the pot hole riddled gravel path of progress, we're only left to meditate on what our world of exploding population, dwindling resources and questionable pop culture will disintegrate into. Sing while you may! If this is our last holiday season, make it your best! Happy Unholy Days!

PLEASE NOTE: Since I am planning on going out of town for a month, all orders will be shipped ON OR BEFORE December 15th. Please have any orders that are to be holiday gifts in by December 7th. Thank you!
HALLOWS 2012 perfumes will continue to be available until December 15th. YULE 2012 perfumes will be available until January 30th.

Selections from MERRY APOCALYPSMAS! are available in one size, two styles.

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $19
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll On - $20

Films like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Independence Day", even shows like the X-Files gave us a glimpse into a possible alien inspired end game. Here's a fragrance to honor our gray overlords.

Silver bells, starlit vanilla resin, Night Queen, sea lavender, white rose tea and black sky musk

Maybe a zombie apocalypse is what you're hoping for? Stock up on guns, ammo and don't forget to double tap!

Dragon's blood, crimson cranberry jelly, marshmallow cream and the tattered remnants of musky humanity.

The dark, the unknown, death, poisoning, drowning, being buried alive, flying, being lost in space, abandonment, clowns...

Seared vanilla sugar syrup, blood orange stained sandalwood, black tea soaked linens and corrupted toasted clove.

With just a press of a shiny, red, candy-like button we could enjoy a permanent winter wonderland!

Heartbroken and desolate: black ice, desiccated winter berries, frozen hopes, destroyed dreams all contaminated with the saddest sting of black pepper.

Armageddon - the final battle between Good and Evil. Smite or be smitten; it's a survivor's world.

Boozy vanilla, caramelized coconut, smoked tonka and black patchouli.

Jormungandr opens his mouth letting his tail go free and Fenrir slips his fetter Gelipnir and literally, all Hell breaks loose. It's the stuff Heavy Metal songs are made of.

Balsam fir, palo santo, snow laden birch branches and serpentine boughs of holly are doomed with pitch black woodsmoke and cracked leather.

The Bhagavad Gita, as quoted by Oppenheimer after seeing the detonation of the first nuclear bomb in 1945. "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds": War, Famine, Death and Conquest. The End is always Now.

Bleak and hopeless: spiced vetiver is abused by lashes of black leather, broken by blackest musk and completely decimated with clove stained aged patchouli.


In addition to the Merry Apocalypsmas Yule 2012 collection, we also have resurrected GHOSTS OF YULES PAST as well as #OCCUPYTHENORTHPOLE and the GINGERBREAD COVEN!

Thank you again for a great year! Blessings and warm wishes of health, happiness and prosperity this Holiday season as well as into the New Year!

All the best,

Vajra and the Conjure Clan
Conjure Oils

Goth Chick Pride 2012!

It's Goth Chick Appreciation Day Once Again!

While it might have its origins
in a silly Facebook meme, Goth Chick Appreciation day has stuck a chord
with thousands of Goth, (or recovering Goth) ladies out there and it's
completely understandable why! So much of the year we spend fending off
questioning or horrified looks from people - it's nice to have a day to
be honored and at least one day a year where our wardrobe makes sense!

Last year, Goth Chick Pride was
sold out in a day with many requests for orders after the fact. While I
was able to accommodate all orders last year, this year, I have 23
bottles available and won't be able to take any orders for extras, so
try to get them while you can. I'm going to ask that you limit your
order to no more than 3 bottles per order (because I know that folks
like to combine orders with their friends and that is perfectly
acceptable.) That way, everyone has a chance. I've gotten so much
positive feedback about this perfume! So many emails with ladies
exclaiming that this is their holy grail scent! I'm excited to be able
to offer it again! Hopefully, I can make this a yearly release, but I'm
anxious about two of the components, so we shall see. I guess to sum it
up: get a bottle while you can! 

Fine Print: If you placed an
order for the Crowleymass sale and would like to add this on, you can
send the total with a note to paypal at conjureoils dot com and we
will be glad to add it to your order! 

Decanted in 5ml glass amber bottles 
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle $20
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll-On $21

Show your Goth
spirit! Aged black patchouli, sexy garnet pomegranate, clove tobacco,
vanilla smoke and red musk. Destined to be a classic!

You can get all sorts of Goth Chick Pride goodies like T-shirts, mugs and posters in our Zazzle store! Lookit HERE

Here's Miss Vajra modeling her own Conjure Oils'
Goth Chick Pride long sleeve t-shirt. You, too, can have your very own

Conjure Oils

Celebrating Crowleymass with a SALE, Dance of Death and Conjure's Carnal Delights Collection is LIVE

Happy Crowleymass!

93, dear ones!

The fall season has arrived finally at here in the Pacific Northwest; yesterday was our last day of sunshine until July or so. Now that the rains and clouds are blowing in from the ocean, gray is here to stay. Today the drops will start to fall and won't stop until the spring. And this is how we like it!

The changing of the seasons is a reminder that change is an inevitable part of life. Conjure has recently closed its retail space and relocated to a small private studio in the woods. I'm still sorting and putting everything away, so shipping has slowed somewhat, but I'm anticipating shipping most, if not all, of the outstanding orders during this coming week, so I want to thank you for your continued patience.

Other life events have made life a bit of a challenge: I've lost my number one shipper. Hubs went and got himself a full time job! I will miss having him around, but it will be like the old days of Conjure again where it's just me doing it all! However, I have to be realistic, so I'm contemplating changing Conjure with the new year. I'm considering this (and I am completely open to feedback, as I've always considered Conjure to be the perfume of the people!): releasing 1-2 limited editions each month and making only 1-2 GC lines available at a time. I'd come up with a schedule so you'd know which lines will be available when, but I have to figure out a way to make this doable for me because.... (big reveal coming...)

I'm expecting! My due date is April 16, 2013! Sterling, Lucy and I are very excited by this blessed opportunity to add another beautiful soul to our family! I already have some physical limitations because of some chronic pain issues and with being pregnant, I'm unwilling to take most medications (like zero, well, maybe tylenol! LOL!) so like I said, I have to figure out how to make this workable for me and my physical body while keeping Conjure alive, interesting and available for YOU!

No sweeping changes will happen until after the Yule holiday has come and gone, so you have time to plan and/or panic accordingly! :D

Now, enough about me! On with the SALES and LIMITEDS!


Birthday wishes to the To Mega Therion, or The Great Beast as he was fond of calling himself. Aleister Crowley was a complex and controversial man. He was an influential magician, a scholar and a mystic He channeled his religious text, Liber AL vel Legis or The Book of the Law through a being called Aiwass while visiting Cairo with his wife, Rose. He believed that this event ushered in a new aeon of Horus and from this experience, he eventually created his religion/philosophy of Thelema, of which the main tenet is: "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law" encouraging its adherents to live to their own True Will.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit he is a significant figure in modern occult history. I find him personally intriguing, inspiring and downright entertaining!

In celebration of the Frater, I'm hosting my yearly sale! Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Here's the fine print: Only items from the General Catalog are applicable. The free bottle must be equal or lesser in value to the other items with it. Only applicable to 5ml or 10ml sizes. No pips or pip samplers. No amending past orders. No whining! :D Just be awesome and enjoy the free stuff. To take advantage of the sale: Put 2/4/6 etc. bottles in your cart and then in the "add a message to merchant" section, let me know which freebies you'd like! Or send an email along with your order  and let me know there. vajra at conjureoils dot com.

The sale will be LIVE until Sunday night at 11:59 Pacific.

It seems that the end of October and early November is the time of year where many cultures have holy days honoring death. From Los Dias de los Muertos to Samhain tide this has been the season to honor, revere and even celebrate the role death has in our lives. Using three works of art as inspiration, we are offering a trilogy of fragrances to pay tribute to the ancestors, to show respect for the power of the spirit of Iku (Yoruban personification of Death) and to the metaphysical associations that are part and parcel to the concept: transitions, inevitable change and destruction that clears the way to creation. Maferefun Oya, Kali, Hecate, Set, Baron Samedi and the Ghede, Egun, Yewa and all other spirits who work and exist in such a nebulous and liminal space fraught with a spectrum of human emotion: from the depths of suffering and grief stemming from senseless and tragic loss to the heights of grace and light embedded in those moments where death is a release from pain and an ascension into the Great Mystery.

The fragrances have been formulated to be worn layered together, but they are perfectly suitable to be worn individually

The Dance of Death series will be available until the Sun exits the sign of Scorpio in November.

Albrecht Dürer
opper engraving, 1513

RIDER, DEATH and DEVIL: A knight, protected by the armor of his faith, is surrounded by the grotesque images of the Devil and Death. Note the Memento Mori symbolism of the hourglass reminding the soldier that his time on earth is finite and the skull in the bottom left corner confirming the inevitable to us all.

Tunisian black myrrh, holy sandalwood, Persian musk, charred wood, frankincense absolute, desecrated incense, cassia, pink grapefruit, and aged patchouli.

Alfred Rethel
wood-carving, 1851

Death the Strangler - First Outbreak of Cholera at a Parisian Masquerade Ball in 1831: Death pays a visit to a party and the results are devastating. Playing mock fiddle with bones and surrounded by corpses, Death stands centrally while the doomed musicians attempt an escape in the top left. Seated on the stairs is the personification of Cholera dressed in Egyptian finery.

Tonka bean absolute, black patchouli, white sandalwood, ginger CO2 extract, bone musk, orange blossom, vanilla resin absolute, Sudanese amber, blood orange, opoponax and tulsi.

Alfred Rethel
Wood-carving, 1851

Deeath the Friend: Death rings the church bells for the ringer who sits in an apparent deathly repose in the top right. The sun rise out the window reminding the viewer that the cycle of life will continue and transformation is assured.

Antique patchouli, tonka absolute, vanilla resin, ruh khus, tendrils of Spanish moss, neglected leather, graveyard loam and Parma violet.  

Selections from DANCE OF DEATH SERIES are available in one size, three fragrances or a set of all three items.

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $20
Set of all three $55


  Autumn is a season most voluptuous and sensual. Colors in their crimson, orange and ochre vibrancy flash their iridescent fire from quaking leaves. The sky, in its dazzling display of darkness, threatens the diminishing light with clouds suspended heavily in the air, saturated with the thick storms of a thousand nights. Respite is found in the infinity azure expanse that arches effortlessly with the angles of sunlight, golden, slanting to earth creating a crisp, clean and shimmering aura to the world around us. A chill embraces the frosted air and our breath is etched in silver tendrils reaching heavenward. Seeking warmth and connection, we wrap our arms around ourselves and our loved ones and descend within; our thoughts deepen while our vision expands.

Conjure's Carnal Delights Collection is a celebration of the senses that the autumnal season ignites like no other. I've hand picked the fragrances that speak to me of deepest Autumn, of introspection, of sensuality and of delight. All fragrances are accords crafted in house unique to Conjure Oils!

In celebration of this season most wonderful, we're offering custom fragrances for a limited time. Depending on the success of the line, I may later offer candles, soaps, whips, sprays and lotions in the Carnal Delights Collection! It's up to you!


Select up to five of the accords listed below to create your own signature scent! In order to prevent a back log, I can only accept orders for twenty five (or so) customs, so once the limit is reached, I'll mark the option as sold out.



Apple Cider
Candy Apple
Caramel Apple
Cinnamon Donut
Fresh Hay
Fuji Apple
Green Apple

Chai Tea
Cream Soda
Sugar Cane
Vanilla Bean

Black Lotus
Falling Leaves
Graveyard Dirt
Spanish Moss

Chili Pepper
D'Anjou Pear
Fresh Pumpkin
Golden Honey
Pumpkin Bread
Red Rose
Sweet Orange
Whole Wheat Bread
Zucchini Bread

Black Musk
Black Patchouli
Crystal Amber
Dark Amber
Dragon's Blood
Red Musk
Tonka Bean
Vanilla Musk
White Musk

Candy Corn
Caramel Popcorn
Cream Cheese Frosting
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Pumpkin Pie
Red Velvet Cake
Spun Sugar

Selections from CONJURE'S CARNAL DELIGHTS COLLECTION are available in one size, five styles.
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - One Note $20
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - Two Notes $25
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - Three Notes $30
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - Four Notes $35
5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - Five Notes $40

 Visit CONJURE OILS to peruse and dream...

Again, thank you so much for your understanding and support. I don't know what the future holds, but I hope I can continue to serve you and your perfuming needs (because we NEED perfume! Duh! :D)

All the best,

conjure oils, the devil

KWAIDAN - Japanese Ghost Stories | Hallows 2012 is LIVE @ Conjure Oils!


Join us in the unveiling of this year's Hallows collection - Kwaidan, or Japanese Ghost Stories! I unearthed an ancient copy of Lafcadio Hearn's eponymous novel penned shortly before his death in 1904 and was immediately drawn in to the spooky subject matter and otherworldly spiritual presentation! I selected four of my favorite stories to use as inspiration in creating this year's Hallows perfumes and I think that while the subject and concept are unusual, the final result is something truly amazing!

The stories are presented in their entirety for your enjoyment! So, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy and prepare to be spooked!

Click on the skeleton to be transported into the eerie world of Kwaidan!

KWAIDAN - Japanese Ghost Stories


Madame Victoria's Mansion of Mayhem has been resurrected in its entirety! Here's a great chance to pick up the favorites you missed last year, or acquire some new ones!

Clicking on the Mansion image below whisks you to the front of the line!

Madame Victoria's Mansion of Mayhem 2012


Last year, you met six whimsical witches in Conjure's Coven. This year, it is my sheer joy and pleasure to introduce you to our newest dedicant, Tempora!

TEMPORA the Time Witch 2012

As a new dedicant to the Coven, Tempora feels at home during any day, year or era! Her cauldron is bigger on the inside and her trusty sonic broomstick is always at the ready to help her out of all the sticky situations she gets herself jammed into on her adventures through time, space and dimensions improbable and magical!

Legendary perfume components collected during her voyages, compounded in a cosmic mortar and pestle: Egyptian sandalwood gifted by Cleopatra from her own private reserve, the fragile scent of dried vanilla and dust extracted from the crumbling books and scrolls that once lined the shelves at the Library of Alexandria, sweetened black rose tea enjoyed with Queen Victoria in her garden. All deepened with rare, exotic and resplendent Oriental spice notes purchased from Marco Polo on the Silk Road.

Visit the rest of the Coven by clicking on their image below.

Conjure Oils - The Witches' Coven


There's nothing we love more than resurrecting perfumes from Hallows past so you can have all the fall favorites that you've come to expect year after year! Available only from Conjure Oils! 

Clicky witchy for sweet smellies!

All-Hallows Resurrected 2012

Kwaidan, Madame Victoria's Mansion of Mayhem! Hallows 2012, The Witches' Coven and Hallows 2012 Resurrected will be undead until the end of November, supplies or Vajra are exhausted. Whichever comes first.


Wu Xing has been added to our Elemental collection and Mlle. Victoria's Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret will be a permanent guest for the foreseeable future in our Whore's Couture collection!


Visit our ETSY store for your chance to pick up retired Limited Editions and One of a Kind perfumes such as: Gratitude, Plum Jam Paczki and Miss Lucy's Beary Good Year (among other amazing offerings!) In the near future, we will also be offering custom blended perfumes, prototypes, experiments, hand blended incense, mojo hands and a few other surprises!


Never miss an update, a chance to win some freebies or participate in a random act of perfumery! As an Aquarius, I am predisposed to spontaneity, often subconsciously feeling compelled to release various scents, hold fabulous contests and make available fine one of a kind hand-crafted treasures - often at the spur of the moment! You're not going to want to miss what we've got in the works! From glittering Zombies <3 Brains soap to Cuntly perfume (for us fancy bitches who dare speak our minds!) where the proceeds go to organizations such as Planned Parenthood who are out there fightiing on the front lines in this ridiculous war against women! Who knows when they'll be released? I sure don't! Mood and artistic temperament will dictate. You'll be glad you're in the know! Get you some, enable a friend and make a difference whilst smelling sexy and smart!

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Have a safe and happy Halloween, ConjurePunks! I hope you enjoy the update as much as I did creating it. I DO IT ALL FOR YOU. <3



Conjure Oils

Ring of Fire is LIVE! Le Sacre du Printemps and Burlesque return!


Join me in the jubilation that comes along with eclipses! We're offering Ring of Fire for a short while and in response to popular demand, we've resurrected two of our most popular Limited Editions!

Let the fires of spring and summer glow!


Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus

See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
Step into the shadow.

- 46 & 2 by Tool

A solar eclipse is that heavenly moment when the tender and introspective Moon sandwiches herself smack dab in between us and the extroverted and egocentric Sun. This tight conjunction is a perfect time to push ourselves further along, melding the yin with the yang, using the annular fire ring to add zing to your zang and allow ourselves to 'step through our shadows' if you will, turning our trash into compost and that compost into treasure. Since this eclipse occurs in Taurus of all signs, all acts of love and pleasure could definitely be your rituals, as the old Charge goes. What limits your comfort? Your beauty? Your happiness? Your self love?

Formulated specifically to work with the energies of the Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the ritual oil will be consecrated and presented to the sun as the moon passes over his face. Magma is what comes to mind when I try to describe the scent. Dark, hot and a bit dangerous!

The cost will be $40 for 5ml ($41 for the roll-on) and will be tucked safely in its own pouch.

I will only be making a very small batch, so if you're interested in obtaining a bottle of this special oil please order by the end of the day on the 22nd. If I run out, I will post here.

Thank you and have a blessed eclipse!


Come one, come all to witness the stunning beauty and talent demonstrated by the show girls of yesteryear! Va va va voom! The ladies we're heartbroken when the Valentine's Day show ended, so we're going to showcase them here for a season or two longer! Get your tickets ready!

Resurrected for these long, lovely days of Spring....


Scents inspired by the fevered passions of composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Vaslav Nijinski

Le Sacre du Printemps, or the Rite of Spring, is a legendary ballet rife with sexuality, virility, primal, ancient magics and pagan revelry. Penned in 1913, it is one of the best examples of musical innovation that heralded the Modern period of music. It has inspired many - from Fantasia to Frank Zappa - and continues to ignite the hearts and minds of artists to this day.

We at Conjure can think of no better devotion to Spring than to create a fragrance collection based on this wonderful and exhilarating work of fine art. This is a conceptual line, offering Conjure's interpretation of the music, the myth and the meaning that resounds within the imagination.

Enjoy the rebirth and the rapture.

Fragrances in the Limited Edition collection are available in one size:

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $18
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll On - $19

Danses des Adolescentes

The Dance of the Young Girls; a study in innocence.

Creamy orchid, soft skin musk, a blush of pink jasmine, white tea, candy floss and the finest gowns of raw silk and linen.

Jeu du Rapt
Ritual of Abduction; thief of hearts. Evocative of the myth of Persephone and the betrayal and agony she felt as she was spirited away to the underworld.

Crimson pomegranate, Moroccan fig, smoked vanilla sugar, soft moss, amber resin, aged black tea and opium poppy resin.

Rondes Printanières
Spring Rounds. Warm, sweet and renewing as the first day of Spring. This is the scent of hope.

Vanilla cream, pink hyacinth, ruby grapefruit, scarlet hibiscus, cake flour, caramelized coconut and raspberry infused patchouli.

Jeux des Cités Rivales
The Games of the Two Rival Tribes.

Spirited and spiced candied violets, bitter cloves, cassis and red sandalwood spar with black currant, ylang ylang, vanilla orchid, gunpowder and dried wild grasses.

Cortège du Sage
Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One. We revere the wisdom of the ages and respect our elders.

We honor the Old Ones: clary and desert sages, chaparral, creosote, ancient wood, faded leather and cactus flower sweetened with desiccated fireweed honey.

Adoration de la Terre
The Kiss of the Earth. Earthbound and beautiful; the blue dot in a sea of black that we call home.

Warm and golden as a summer's sunset: peach blossom honey, chthonic amber resin, toasted basmati rice, cured tobacco, sweet tea and blonde patchouli.

Danse de la Terre
Dancing Out of the Underworld. Persephone is free and the world is reborn in joyous celebration.

Escape the darkness with rejuvenating black Assam tea, dark coconut husk, aged vanilla resin, sacred sandalwood temple incense, earthen musk and shaved red mandarin zest.

Cercles Mystérieux des Adolescentes
Circle of the Mystical Maidens.

The Celtic festivals of Samhain and Beltaine are historically the two times during the year when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead are at their thinnest. May 1st invites more than ancestral spirits - it carries the spirits of earth Elementals - faeries, gnomes, sprites and other creatures of myth as spring rains and gentle blossoms are carried on the perfumed breeze.

The Spring Maidens dance this eternal dance and weave into their rhythm the magic of the season working the rites that further weaken the veil making the world of seen and unseen indistinguishable.

"We gather in a strict formation, hold hands in a circle
and at twilight we all we all walk around the stones.
Spirits dance and bodies roll, hallucinations curtsey
as the river priestess consecrates the bones."

~ Casting the Runes, Legendary Pink Dots

Exotic tuberose, pink peony, lychee fruit, orange blossom, vanilla bean, tonka, strawberry blossom, bergamot and sugar cane.

Glorification de l'Élue
Naming and Glorifying the Chosen One who is the Golden Child, the May Queen, the Sacred Divine within; the Holy Fire of Spirit that links us with All-That-Is.

Glory be: golden saffron, antique patchouli, white honey, orris root, toasted almond, khus and splendid olibanum.

Evocation des Ancêtres
Evoking the Spirits of the Ancestors. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors through love, adoration and veneration our predecessors are lifted, elevated, given light and eternal life.

Revere and honor: dried pomegranate rind crushed and perfumed with linden blossom, red spikenard, aloes wood, Egyptian sandalwood, sweet myrrh and Kyphi incense.

Action Rituelle des Ancêtres
Ritual of the Ancestors. Our ancestral rituals are remembered on a cellular level. Deep DNA memories are celebrated during the heart of the darkest night lasting until the break of iridescent dawn.

Honor those that have passed on with white sandalwood, red willow, amyris, palo santo, patchouli blossom, Himalayan cedar, ylang ylang, opoponax and ginseng.

Danse Sacrale
Sacrificial Dance of the Chosen One.

Sacred and uplifting: crystal amber, blue lavender, cyclamen, white sage, honeydew, vanilla musk, candied violets and a gentle heart of white rose tea.

Le Sacre du Printemps will be available until June 21st


All the best,


Conjure Oils

PEEK-A-BOO! Miss Lucy's Two! is LIVE in Conjure's Newfangled Notions collection!

Happy second birthday, Miss Lucy!

As the first installment in over a year to the Newfangled Notions collection, PEEK-A-BOO, Miss Lucy's Two! is an incredibly personal and sentimental scent certain to tug at your heart strings:

Some thoughts for my darling daughter on the evening of your second birthday as you sleep soundly in bed, exhausted from the joy of your special day...

The darkness of shredded black coconut and aged vanilla resin is sweetened with sandalwood infused smoked sugar then brightened with heliotrope, ylang ylang, triumphant pink grapefruit and a kiss of sweet musk.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful occasion with us!