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PEEK-A-BOO! Miss Lucy's Two! is LIVE in Conjure's Newfangled Notions collection!

Happy second birthday, Miss Lucy!

As the first installment in over a year to the Newfangled Notions collection, PEEK-A-BOO, Miss Lucy's Two! is an incredibly personal and sentimental scent certain to tug at your heart strings:

Some thoughts for my darling daughter on the evening of your second birthday as you sleep soundly in bed, exhausted from the joy of your special day...

The darkness of shredded black coconut and aged vanilla resin is sweetened with sandalwood infused smoked sugar then brightened with heliotrope, ylang ylang, triumphant pink grapefruit and a kiss of sweet musk.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful occasion with us!


Tags: miss lucy, newfangled notions
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