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Ring of Fire is LIVE! Le Sacre du Printemps and Burlesque return!


Join me in the jubilation that comes along with eclipses! We're offering Ring of Fire for a short while and in response to popular demand, we've resurrected two of our most popular Limited Editions!

Let the fires of spring and summer glow!


Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus

See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
Step into the shadow.

- 46 & 2 by Tool

A solar eclipse is that heavenly moment when the tender and introspective Moon sandwiches herself smack dab in between us and the extroverted and egocentric Sun. This tight conjunction is a perfect time to push ourselves further along, melding the yin with the yang, using the annular fire ring to add zing to your zang and allow ourselves to 'step through our shadows' if you will, turning our trash into compost and that compost into treasure. Since this eclipse occurs in Taurus of all signs, all acts of love and pleasure could definitely be your rituals, as the old Charge goes. What limits your comfort? Your beauty? Your happiness? Your self love?

Formulated specifically to work with the energies of the Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the ritual oil will be consecrated and presented to the sun as the moon passes over his face. Magma is what comes to mind when I try to describe the scent. Dark, hot and a bit dangerous!

The cost will be $40 for 5ml ($41 for the roll-on) and will be tucked safely in its own pouch.

I will only be making a very small batch, so if you're interested in obtaining a bottle of this special oil please order by the end of the day on the 22nd. If I run out, I will post here.

Thank you and have a blessed eclipse!


Come one, come all to witness the stunning beauty and talent demonstrated by the show girls of yesteryear! Va va va voom! The ladies we're heartbroken when the Valentine's Day show ended, so we're going to showcase them here for a season or two longer! Get your tickets ready!

Resurrected for these long, lovely days of Spring....


Scents inspired by the fevered passions of composer Igor Stravinsky and choreographer Vaslav Nijinski

Le Sacre du Printemps, or the Rite of Spring, is a legendary ballet rife with sexuality, virility, primal, ancient magics and pagan revelry. Penned in 1913, it is one of the best examples of musical innovation that heralded the Modern period of music. It has inspired many - from Fantasia to Frank Zappa - and continues to ignite the hearts and minds of artists to this day.

We at Conjure can think of no better devotion to Spring than to create a fragrance collection based on this wonderful and exhilarating work of fine art. This is a conceptual line, offering Conjure's interpretation of the music, the myth and the meaning that resounds within the imagination.

Enjoy the rebirth and the rapture.

Fragrances in the Limited Edition collection are available in one size:

5ml Brown Apothecary Bottle - $18
5ml Brown Apothecary Roll On - $19

Danses des Adolescentes

The Dance of the Young Girls; a study in innocence.

Creamy orchid, soft skin musk, a blush of pink jasmine, white tea, candy floss and the finest gowns of raw silk and linen.

Jeu du Rapt
Ritual of Abduction; thief of hearts. Evocative of the myth of Persephone and the betrayal and agony she felt as she was spirited away to the underworld.

Crimson pomegranate, Moroccan fig, smoked vanilla sugar, soft moss, amber resin, aged black tea and opium poppy resin.

Rondes Printanières
Spring Rounds. Warm, sweet and renewing as the first day of Spring. This is the scent of hope.

Vanilla cream, pink hyacinth, ruby grapefruit, scarlet hibiscus, cake flour, caramelized coconut and raspberry infused patchouli.

Jeux des Cités Rivales
The Games of the Two Rival Tribes.

Spirited and spiced candied violets, bitter cloves, cassis and red sandalwood spar with black currant, ylang ylang, vanilla orchid, gunpowder and dried wild grasses.

Cortège du Sage
Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One. We revere the wisdom of the ages and respect our elders.

We honor the Old Ones: clary and desert sages, chaparral, creosote, ancient wood, faded leather and cactus flower sweetened with desiccated fireweed honey.

Adoration de la Terre
The Kiss of the Earth. Earthbound and beautiful; the blue dot in a sea of black that we call home.

Warm and golden as a summer's sunset: peach blossom honey, chthonic amber resin, toasted basmati rice, cured tobacco, sweet tea and blonde patchouli.

Danse de la Terre
Dancing Out of the Underworld. Persephone is free and the world is reborn in joyous celebration.

Escape the darkness with rejuvenating black Assam tea, dark coconut husk, aged vanilla resin, sacred sandalwood temple incense, earthen musk and shaved red mandarin zest.

Cercles Mystérieux des Adolescentes
Circle of the Mystical Maidens.

The Celtic festivals of Samhain and Beltaine are historically the two times during the year when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead are at their thinnest. May 1st invites more than ancestral spirits - it carries the spirits of earth Elementals - faeries, gnomes, sprites and other creatures of myth as spring rains and gentle blossoms are carried on the perfumed breeze.

The Spring Maidens dance this eternal dance and weave into their rhythm the magic of the season working the rites that further weaken the veil making the world of seen and unseen indistinguishable.

"We gather in a strict formation, hold hands in a circle
and at twilight we all we all walk around the stones.
Spirits dance and bodies roll, hallucinations curtsey
as the river priestess consecrates the bones."

~ Casting the Runes, Legendary Pink Dots

Exotic tuberose, pink peony, lychee fruit, orange blossom, vanilla bean, tonka, strawberry blossom, bergamot and sugar cane.

Glorification de l'Élue
Naming and Glorifying the Chosen One who is the Golden Child, the May Queen, the Sacred Divine within; the Holy Fire of Spirit that links us with All-That-Is.

Glory be: golden saffron, antique patchouli, white honey, orris root, toasted almond, khus and splendid olibanum.

Evocation des Ancêtres
Evoking the Spirits of the Ancestors. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors through love, adoration and veneration our predecessors are lifted, elevated, given light and eternal life.

Revere and honor: dried pomegranate rind crushed and perfumed with linden blossom, red spikenard, aloes wood, Egyptian sandalwood, sweet myrrh and Kyphi incense.

Action Rituelle des Ancêtres
Ritual of the Ancestors. Our ancestral rituals are remembered on a cellular level. Deep DNA memories are celebrated during the heart of the darkest night lasting until the break of iridescent dawn.

Honor those that have passed on with white sandalwood, red willow, amyris, palo santo, patchouli blossom, Himalayan cedar, ylang ylang, opoponax and ginseng.

Danse Sacrale
Sacrificial Dance of the Chosen One.

Sacred and uplifting: crystal amber, blue lavender, cyclamen, white sage, honeydew, vanilla musk, candied violets and a gentle heart of white rose tea.

Le Sacre du Printemps will be available until June 21st


All the best,


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