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Things with a good smell will keep you safe from Hell!

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magickal purpose oils and fine fragrance oils as found on www.conjureoils.com
Conjure Oils: Fine Fragrances - Magickal and Mundane.
Providing old-fashioned ritual and perfume oils to redeem all sorts of saints and sinners.

Conjure Oils

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Welcome to the Conjure Oils LJ Community!

Conjure Oils is, at first glance, a high-end atelier and perfume house serving the creatively lavish and artistically extravagant. But if you look closer, you'll see that it's also a very old-timey, Southern-style hoodoo shop serving the spiritually and magickally inclined. We take great pride in our passion for creating formulas that are hand-blended to be both fragrantly fabulous as well as absolutely spiritually viable. We want you to have the best of both worlds!

We spare the pretense to provide you with superb perfume blends that are accessible and down-to-earth. Along with a warm, caring voice and a generous and kind community spirit we also provide the best in personalized care, attention and service: we love to get to know all of our friends and clients!

Conjure Oils practices sustainability, conscious consumerism and charity. To the best of our knowledge, all of our oils are free of petrochemicals, are 100% vegan and no part of our product has ever been tested on animals.

The oils are formulated and then hand-blended to order by Vajra (apocalypso23) - a trickster who has spent the last two decades or so learning the rules of the occult so she can break them properly. She has many influences that contribute to the inspiration behind the formulas as well as formal education and experience to make informed decisions while creating the blends. She's not a degreed and pedigreed perfumer tucked away in an ivory tower, instead she's a rogue formulator knee-deep in nature creating painstaking blends on the fly. Blowing the dust off of ancient and rare formularies so she can stack them up just high enough under the lilac tree to stand on for a good whiff of the intoxicating fragrance.

We've got the tools, the talent, the experience and the creativity to make the ancient modern and the outmoded relevant - not by relying on old and tired gimmicks or garbage - but by simply serving the community a heaping plate of fantastic fragrances lovingly prepared with quality ingredients dished up piping hot with a friendly smile and a sassy wink!

We hope you'll look to this community for product updates, discussions regarding the oils, magic, and just general fun and good feelings! Please feel free to post your reviews of the oils as well! We welcome your feedback and suggestions! All the usual community "no's" apply - play nice and have fun!

All the recipes listed here are general suggestions. If you are uncomfortable with the ingredients, then by all means, don't use them! In the old days recipes called for mercury. And just because it calls for mercury doesn't mean you should try it. These are written for historical purposes only. Use your own discretion!!